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We guarantee to get you more traffic in the first 90 days of an SEO campaign. If we don’t, we’ll give you a full refund or work for free until we do.

SEO Services on the Central Coast, NSW

Are you tired of your website feeling like a ghost town?

Let us help you breathe new life into your online presence and generate traffic that converts.

Has your website traffic gone into hibernation lately?

Let's dig deeper to uncover the cause and get your traffic roaring again .

Want to make a big splash with your new website?

Let’s identify the keywords, strategies, and techniques to help you rise to the top of your industry.

Nathan Corbett
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I had Greg at Dojo Web Group build my Company’s new website and did a fantastic job; I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!
He was a joy to work with, he made things simple and easy to understand while ensuring my vision came to life exactly as planned.
The work was done in a timely and professional manner with Greg consulting me each step of the way.
I would (and already have) recommend Greg and his team to anyone.
Matt Sulman
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Greg and the Dojo Web Group team are very professional, prompt and proactive.
Michael Olivieri
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I engaged Greg to help rebuilt my website and provide SEO services. He delivered exceptional service and the results are amazing. I’m blown away at how quickly the traffic to my site increased and also converted into new enquiries. Worth every cent, I can’t thank him enough!
Jamie Andreas
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I 've worked with many tech groups in my 20+ years online. Dojo Web Group is definitely the best! The full confidence I have in their competence and expertise makes the ups and downs of running a website as smooth as it can possible be.

A huge thanks to Dojo Web Group!
Stephanie Pountney-Green
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Greg is a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, helpful and nothing is ever a problem. I highly recommend him..

How SEO Can Help You Get More Website Traffic

Is your website not getting enough traffic despite great content and attractive design?

Without SEO, your website is invisible to search engines and potential customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a powerful tool to help you solve your problems. Your website will rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, increasing traffic and customer acquisition.

Here’s how SEO can help your website get traffic:

Improves search engine visibility

SEO optimises your website for search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Targets relevant keywords

SEO helps you attract the right audience by targeting specific keywords and phrases.

Provides a competitive edge

SEO can help you outrank your competitors in search engine results, making it easier for customers to choose your brand.

Dojo Web Group helps you rank your website using traditional and innovative SEO techniques. Let us help you get the traffic and customers you need to grow your business.

Our Custom SEO Services

Local SEO Services Central Coast

Google My Business (GMB)

In today's fast-paced, mobile-centric world, it's easy for businesses to get lost in the shuffle. But fear not, we have the perfect solution to help your business stand out and thrive in this competitive landscape.
Don't let your business get buried under the competition. Let us help you rise above and achieve the visibility and success you deserve.

National SEO Services Central Coast

Like what Steve Jobs said - "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." Let us help you reach the top with our unparalleled expertise in national SEO.

Technical SEO Services Central Coast

As Bill Gates once said, "Content is king," but even the best content can struggle to reach its full potential without a strong foundation. That's where technical SEO comes in. By optimising your website's technical aspects, you can ensure that it meets Google's algorithm requirements and recommendations, ultimately leading to higher visibility, rankings, and traffic.

Key Benefits of Investing in Technical SEO:

Enhanced Website Visibility on Search Engines

Our technical SEO experts will optimise your site to ensure search engines can effectively crawl, render, index, and rank it, boosting its visibility to potential visitors.

Improved Keyword Rankings

We'll address technical issues and optimise your site's structure to improve your website's ranking for relevant keywords, attracting more targeted traffic.

Boosted Organic Traffic and High-Quality Leads

With increased visibility and better keyword rankings, your website will naturally attract more organic traffic, leading to higher-quality leads and potential customers.

Elevated User Experience

Our technical SEO services not only benefit search engines but also your website visitors. We'll optimise site speed, functionality, and navigation to provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Greater Website Functionality and Speed

We'll ensure your website loads faster and functions more efficiently, reducing bounce rates and encouraging users to explore your content further.

Alignment with Google Algorithm Requirements and Recommendations

We'll ensure your website loads faster and functions more efficiently, reducing bounce rates and encouraging users to explore your content further.

Identification and Resolution of Technical Issues

Our technical SEO experts will detect and resolve issues that may negatively impact your website's ranking and traffic potentials, such as low text-to-HTML ratios or broken links.

Don't let technical SEO issues hinder your website's growth and success. By investing in technical SEO, you can build a solid foundation for your website, ensuring long-term success and a competitive edge in the digital landscape. Contact us today to learn more about our technical SEO services and how we can help your website reach its full potential.

On-Page SEO Services Central Coast

Looking to attract top-quality traffic and enhance your online visibility? Our on-page SEO services are the perfect solution to help you climb the search rankings!

On-page SEO is the cornerstone of search engine optimisation, ensuring your website’s content, code, and tags are fully optimised. We offer a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects needed to improve your search ranking.

But on-page SEO is also about user-friendly content that meets visitors’ needs. We’ll help you add value to your site and accurately showcase your business, resulting in a website that rises in search rankings and drives more organic traffic.

Experience the benefits of our on-page SEO services:

Elevated online visibility

Make finding your website easier for potential customers.

Higher search engine rankings

Improve your position for relevant keywords, reaching your target audience.

More organic traffic and quality leads

Draw in visitors genuinely interested in your offerings, boosting conversion rates.

User-friendly content

Provide a seamless experience for visitors, ensuring they find what they need and enjoy their time on your site.

Accurate business representation

Build trust and credibility by presenting your company in the best possible light.

Don't let your website lag behind the competition. Invest in our on-page SEO services today and start seeing results. Give your website and business the advantage they deserve.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Are you tired of seeing your competitors outshine you in the digital space? Struggling to turn your website visitors into paying customers? Look no further – our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services are here to help.

With our expert guidance, we’ll lead users on your website towards taking the desired actions, ultimately boosting your revenue. Imagine a world where filling out contact forms, signing up for newsletters, and completing purchases become the norm for your business. That’s the future we can create for you.

We employ a data-driven strategy for A/B split testing, allowing us to analyse user behaviour and pinpoint friction points in your website’s design. Armed with this information, we test various site elements – such as call-to-action buttons, content, and design – to enhance conversion rates.

Our Comprehensive CRO Services

In-Depth Website Analysis

We scrutinise every touchpoint on your website to identify areas for improvement.

Friction Point Identification

We locate friction points that may be hindering your website's performance.

Continuous Improvement

We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and frameworks to ensure ongoing enhancement.

Increased Customer Lifetime Value

We help boost the lifetime value of your customers, benefiting your business in the long run.

Data-Driven A/B Split Testing

We use data to optimise conversion rates through strategic A/B split testing.

Don't settle for subpar online performance. Let us help you make your digital estate more effective with CRO. Say goodbye to lost opportunities and hello to increased revenue and a competitive edge.
Mark Riddell
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We appointed Dojo Web Group at the early stage of our business to develop our company website. We had a clear picture of how we wanted our company to be portrayed in the marketplace and Dojo Web Group delivered it perfectly.

At all times they were very quick to respond to any questions or requests that we had. We are proud to have worked alongside Dojo Web Group to deliver our new website to the marketplace and would like to thank the guys at Dojo Web Group for their hard work in delivering our project.
Katherine Martin
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Greg and Rachel at Dojo Web Group did a fabulous job building my website ‘Yoga on the Ridge’ and the whole experience exceeded my expectations. I was particularly impressed with their attention to detail, the time invested in researching the market and getting to know what kind of a look and feel I was after, and their willingness to bounce around ideas as part of the creative process. From the very first draft that was right on-brief to the final iteration, Greg and Rachel went the extra mile to ensure I was happy with the result. The website captures my brand well, looks professional, and is already ranking well. I’m pleased Dojo Web Group also offer website hosting with ongoing support so I don’t have the hassle of having to deal with security updates or technical issues. I really enjoyed working with Greg and Rachel and would definitely recommend Dojo Web Group for client-focused service that delivers a quality result.
Bryan Steinhardt
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I recently had Greg and his team from DoJo Web Group perform an audit on my website. While it already had a good design and was not that old. It was not bringing in the customers as the SEO was not there. From my initial meeting with Greg to the final handover it was just seamless his communication and attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. He has transformed my website into a beautiful and functional site for my customers. Now everyone will be able to find me on google with local SEO. I now have a clear vision and we will be able to attract more of the right local customers on the central coast of NSW.

Thank you.

Bryan & Dani
Kylie Baker
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Greg and his team have helped create my company website. They were very attentive to my needs and listened to what kind of clients I wanted to attract to my business. He guided us through the whole process and communicated with us through the whole process. I valued his knowledge of SEO and website development. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a professional website to attract quality clients.


You can, but only to some extent. You can use social media and Google My Business (GMB). However, having your website to make your SEO campaign more effective is still advisable.

SEO will remain important as long as search engines remain a primary means of finding information online. It's unlikely that SEO will become obsolete soon. Despite changes in SEO, its fundamental principles remain the same: provide valuable content to users.

It is important to use keywords in SEO since they help search engines understand your content. Content and metadata with relevant keywords can help your website rank better in search results. Overusing keywords or keyword stuffing can hurt your website's SEO, so use them naturally.

You can measure SEO success using tools like Google Analytics to track organic search traffic. Monitoring your website's search engine ranking is also possible. You can also determine your SEO strategy's effectiveness by tracking click-through, bounce, and conversion rates.

SEO helps businesses increase online visibility and drive more traffic to their websites. It can increase brand awareness, leads, and sales in the long run. SEO can also help businesses reach their target audience effectively and stay competitive.

“It is not the job of search engine optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically engineer your website so that it becomes an eagle.”


We guarantee to get you more traffic in the first 90 days of an SEO campaign. If we don’t, we’ll give you a full refund or work for free until we do.
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